No Harm Will Overtake You!

Hi Moms -    WOW - There seems to be a spirit of fear running rampant, not only across America but the whole world as the coronavirus spreads and we face a pandemic.  Are your kids nervous? Are you challenged with how to create an atmosphere of calm and safety in your home while being … Continue reading No Harm Will Overtake You!

Ladies, this Word is for you!

Mom’s – This Valentine’s message is for you!!  You are so valuable and unique – you need to let this truth penetrate into your soul and spirit! I wrote some Valentine encouragement for the family the other day – but I learned something new – just for women – from Kristi McLelland founder of  New … Continue reading Ladies, this Word is for you!

Valentine Ideas for the Family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers!  Don’t we want to express our love to not only our spouses – but also our kids?   Valentine’s Day and the days preceding it is the perfect time to let our families know how much we adore them.    You can start some new family traditions and/or zero in on … Continue reading Valentine Ideas for the Family

2020 Vision for New Year & Decade

As we move into a new year and the start of a new decade, the Lord has worked and stirred some thoughts in me. Some time I ago, I started seeing 2020 and 20/20 vision.  Now, it doesn’t seem original – LOL – as I see it written all over Facebook the past few days.  … Continue reading 2020 Vision for New Year & Decade

Mother’s Day, 2019

Mom’s – Your uniqueness is being celebrated today!  On our farm, we just finished Kidding and Lambing season – and even in the animal kingdom there is a special bond between mother and child.  Here is one of my favorite pictures.  As a mother goat or lamb cleans her baby for the first time, she … Continue reading Mother’s Day, 2019

Identity​ Theft

We have a duck who thinks she is a chicken! Why? Because she hangs out with the chickens. I fondly call them “the amigos.” She has been with them since birth. Sadly, her sibling died, and to keep her from being lonely, we kept her with the chickens. She has learned to run like a … Continue reading Identity​ Theft

Batter UP

I just came from a Little League baseball game where the 8-year-old kids clearly knew the game. The coaches and the fans in the stands were constantly offering strategies on how to play the game better.   “Keep your eye on the ball!”  “Play is at 2nd base!”   “Back up first!” “Wait for yours!” “Line drive up … Continue reading Batter UP