LORIHi, I’m Lori Hensley and welcome!

Please look around and enjoy the family/parenting blogs and the information about my book, Raising A Temple, a Mother’s Guide to Training Godly Kids. 

My husband, David and I have retired from a corporate lifestyle to a farm, where we raise goats, sheep, and chickens in middle Tennessee. With this change in lifestyle, we are able to spend lots of time with our own grown kids and five grandkids.

When I was a young mother, I began to see how many young adults, despite being raised in God-fearing homes, were choosing a different standard of living. They were leaving the church and embracing a worldlier lifestyle. I started thinking about how to meet the challenges of raising godly kids with a faith that sticks.

I started meditating on Proverbs 22:6, where it says we should “train” our children, and I realized that as a culture we were missing what the verse really meant. And so I began a life-long journey trying to understand and implement godly training with my kids, at children’s church, and on mission trips.

Along with many grandparents, we join in saying that “we know more now than we did then – when we were raising our own kids.”  And we need to pass the knowledge and skills we’ve learned to a new generation. We live in a post-Christian culture and it is my heart’s desire to help parents navigate through it by raising children who love the Lord and want to walk in His ways.

Explore the website and keep coming back to see new posted blogs and ideas for training.

Raising A Temple (Book)

A mother's guide to raising godly kids! A training manual filled with creative and practical ideas that will help you prepare the hearts of your children for godly living. This book is an essential tool for every mother (and grandmother too).



12622553_1653479504902825_4549390089183580252_o"Lori gives you, the reader, many ideas of how 
to parent your child's spirit, soul and body. 
All three areas of your child's life have to 
be parented according to Scripture."
Becky Fisher, author of “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century”, and founder of Kids in Ministry International
1935925_165119970951_2195053_n"This helpful resource will benefit any parent. 
A I read it, I found myself wishing it had 
been available when my kids were younger. 
So, don't wait to read it! "Raising A Temple" 
is based on solid biblical teaching, and is 
very practical. I guarantee the benefits 
you'll receive from reading this book will start 
Jon Walker, author of “Breakfast with Bonheoffer” and managing editor of Rick Warren’s “Daily Hope Devotionals” at GraceCreates.com
16825841_1361893677217433_7649091125658493870_o"The instruction in Lori's book needs to be 
broadly taught to every Christian mother - 
the sooner, the better."
Eddie Smith, president of the U.S. Prayer Center and father of four.