Mother’s Day, 2019

Mom’s – Your uniqueness is being celebrated today!  On our farm, we just finished Kidding and Lambing season – and even in the animal kingdom there is a special bond between mother and child.  Here is one of my favorite pictures.  As a mother goat or lamb cleans her baby for the first time, she is making what I call “Mommy sounds.”  The bonding typically unites a mom with her baby.  They know each other’s sounds and smells.  Later, when in the pasture, the mom calls out, and the correct baby will go rushing to her/his mom.  They don’t use names and to me, they all sound similar.  But a child knows the sound of their mom and vice a versa.

As an experiment, with some human moms, a recording of a mom’s greeting was created.  Later, the kids listened to it and sure enough – with no name identified, the children were able to identify the voice of their own mom.

Hearing and developing the recognition of sound begins as early as our time in the womb.  Psalms 139 implies that God designed and created you for your child and your child for you.  Isn’t that beautiful?   Your family is no accident.  Mom, you might feel inadequate at times, but you have what it takes to be all that you need to be for your little one or even your big ones.  .

No one can take the place of a mom.  In Genesis 1:26 and 27 God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…male and female God created them.”.   We are created in the image of God with body, soul, and spirit.  Interestingly, we see more details in chapter 2:7 as God created man out of the dust of the ground, and then breathed the breath of life into man.  He later, in verse 21 caused a deep sleep and took Eve (female) out of man’s side.  To be in His likeness, it takes both males and females.  We each have our own distinctive qualities.  As women, we are typically more nourishing.  

We (us moms) have an uncanny ability to multi-task!  I started off by showing you one of our goats.  I’ll end with another picture of a Mommy Sheep doing the ultimate in multi-tasking!

In the first picture, she is cleaning one newborn while nursing the other and at the same time, in labor with the 3rd!

Version 2

The second picture shows the triplets minutes old.


I am so PROUD to be MOM to these THREE KIDS and the THREE they have chosen to join our family.  Together they have given us grandkids and by year end – we will have SEVEN.   LOL – I think David and I have been fruitful and multiplied!!


IMG_7623           On this Mother’s Day – I am proud to be your MOM!!!  LOVE ya’ll & your kids!

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