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Why am I taking on a commitment to blog about parenting, grandparenting, and even children’s ministry? Because I want to change the world!  Sounds clichéd, doesn’t it?   Let me explain…

What is my purpose? Why do I have such a passion to reach the next generation of parents with tips, teaching, and training on how to raise godly kids who have a heart for Jesus?

I’ve watched our culture shift and the influence of Christianity diminish.  In his book, Battle Cry for a Generation, Ron Luce, of Teen Mania, published these statistics:

  • The Builder Generation (1910 – 1945) 65% claimed to be born again
  • Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964) 35% claim to be born again
  • Gen Xers (or Buster Generation) (1965 – 1980) 16% claim to be born again
  • The Millennials (1981-2001) 4% claim to be born again

Have you noticed a trend? At this rate, if something doesn’t change, what will be the statistic for Generation Z (1990-2015)?   Sadly, Barna Research indicates that 13% of Generation Z are atheists – twice the amount of the adult population.

As Americans, we are living in a post-Christian society.

My heart, my prayer is to reach out and try to influence as many believing parents and grandparents as possible with the hope and peace that only God can give.  In turn, they will be able to inspire their sphere of influence, starting with their kids and grandkids.

As my friend Torry Norris says, “It is time to move beyond only reading our little ones the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.  We must teach them how to BE Daniel in the Lion’s Den”.

Statistics reveal that 70% of the kids who have been raised in the church – leave as soon as they are old enough to make the decision themselves.

  • Yet, as parents, we hang onto the Bible verse, “Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6
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Where is the disconnect?  Is God’s Word true – or could it be we not know how to train effectively?  Because I believe the Word of God is infallible, my conclusion is that we don’t know how to train our kids to live their lives according to the Bible.

By the time a child is 12 years old, they think they know everything there is to know about the Bible.  When asked if they have ever experienced the presence of God, most say “no” or once at summer camp.

Becky Fischer, founder of Kids in Ministry says, “If all we do is tell the kids Bible stories, then all we do is give them a religion with no relationship.  Children must have their own personal encounters with God to have a relationship with Him.”

These statistics and facts are what drives me to want to cry out to the next generation about their relationship with the God who loves them so much that He gave His all for them.  The Christian faith is more than a beautiful story.  Our God empowers His children to walk in peace, grace, and love in a fallen world.

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  • I want to help parents, grandparents and children’s workers to raise:
  • Kids who know that Jesus loves them and protects them.
  • Kids who eagerly look forward to reading the Bible and prayer time.
  • Kids who are comfortable hearing the voice of God and acting on it.
  • Kids who want to actively pray for sick and expect healing
  • Kids who can discern the difference between good and evil and how they have the authority to cast out unclean spirits.
  • Kids who want to be “helpers”, just like Jesus.
  • Kids who are seeking the Lord and take time for personal devotions.
  • Kids who understand that, through Jesus, they have a capacity beyond their own abilities.
  • Kids who desire to have a ministry.
  • Kids who seek the Lord in all their choices.
  • Kids who desire to have a godly boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Kids who choose to be drug and alcohol-free.
  • Kids who choose to have pure relationships and give their mate the gift of purity.
  • Kids who seek the Kingdom of God first.– Matthew 6:33
  • Kids who (you fill in the next few)

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, if one family at a time can be challenged and transformed to walk this earth with the Kingdom of God in mind, then that is WORLD CHANGE!!

Yes, I want to change the world…Would you like to join me?

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